VIDEO: Chance Barnett – Importance of Access to Capital

By |2017-09-14T11:21:25-07:00October 4th, 2012|

Entrepreneur Chance Barnett, founder of Crowdfunder, is one of many incredible speakers that will be sharing their insights at the Access to Capital conference on October 18th!

In this video he discusses the transformative nature of capital when small business owners are able to get the capital they need to grow their businesses. In particular, he’s fascinated by how the crowdfunding elements of the JOBS Act have the potential to completely change the funding landscape for small business owners.

Are you a small business owner looking to fund the growth of your business? At this event hosted by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, we’ll be showing you what it takes to get traditional and alternative loans in today’s economy, as well as financing for startups, women and minority-owned businesses.

Have questions about the event? Ask us on Twitter @DandB and be sure to use the event hashtag: #a2cLA

Look forward to seeing you there!

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