Next Stop on the Access to Capital Road Trip: Chicago!

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A2C-2color-Vertical-LogoOn October 18th, 2012, a catalyst occurred in Los Angeles, a catalyst that led to tens of millions of dollars in new small business loans. What happened that day, you might wonder. What one thing could be responsible for prompting millions of dollars of small business loans?

I’ll tell you. It was an event: Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet.

That day, over 500 small business owners took part in hundreds of one-on-one meetings with lenders, and learned valuable tips from experts about how to acquire capital for their businesses. The results? The tens of millions of loan originations mentioned above.

The successes of small businesses in LA inspired us to take the event on the road – next stop, Chicago’s Navy Pier!

Event Overview

The event consists of two areas: Town Square and Town Hall.

  • Town Square: This is where your relationships with lenders are born. Spread through a large room will be representatives from a wide variety of lending institutions with whom you can meet. Be sure to prepare for your meetings by compiling the necessary paperwork beforehand so representatives are able to help you to their fullest ability. Though no loans will be made then and there, the opportunity to get the ball rolling is yours for the taking, and no one takes advantage of opportunities better than small business owners! When you register for Chicago, be sure schedule your one-on-one meeting right away – spots are filling fast!
  • Town Hall: This is where the experts reside, experts whose advice may change the way you approach funding forever, who may open your eyes to new sources of funding you never knew existed. Presented in panel format, there are four session throughout the day:
    • Straight Talk: Getting Traditional Loans in Today’s Economy
    • Off the Beaten Path: Is Alternative Funding the Route for You?
    • Startups Start Here: Strategies from Entrepreneurs
    • Crowdfunding: Should You Be in with the “In Crowd?”

The last 15 minutes of each 45 minute panel will be used for Q&A from the audience – from you! So come prepared with those questions that, no matter how you phrase them in Google, you can’t seem to get a satisfactory answer for.

Additionally, Chicago attendees will be given a FREE copy of their D&B Credit Report.

Don’t Forget!

Seats in Chicago are limited (the 50% off promotion ends May 3rd) – secure yours today!

You’ll be rubbing elbows with other entrepreneurs and small business owners the whole time. Who knows, you may well find yourself talking to your next vendor, supplier, or partner!

Not in Chicago but know business owners who are? Share this exciting opportunity with them! And stay tuned, because we’ll be in Atlanta and Seattle later this year!

See you in Chicago!