Business Finance: Anywhere, Anytime

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As the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) continues to expand our access to capital opportunities we are focused on providing extended capabilities through being named a core member of the Chicago Microlending Institute (CMI) and the development of online/on-demand course offerings coming summer 2013.  Whether you’re business is in the city of Chicago or throughout our regional area, we are striving to provide your business with a strong financial foundation.


In the interim we have put together a list of useful, easy to use tools to manage your financials from your computer, iPad or smartphone.  Take a look and let us know which ones you have used.

  1. Wallstreet Journal Excel Shortcuts: Simply put, these cheat sheets help navigate running your finances through Excel, particularly useful when utilizing WBDC’s Financial Projects Excel sheet.
  2. InDinero: Access and manage your books, file your taxes and take care of payroll on multiple devices through a secure connection.  Plus, the company was founded by a woman – Jessica Mah.
  3. Intuit’s GoPayment: Allows you to accept payments anywhere, from anyone with no transaction fees.  Be careful to read the full details, as there are costs associated, but at least the App and cancellation are free.
  4. LightSpeed Retail Inc.: A virtual, portable hub to keep track of sales and inventory and create invoices and print receipts.
  5. MIT Entrepreneurship Open Courses: While this isn’t an app, it is a great resource for free online education and a great place to find better understanding of entrepreneurship.

What do you use to manage your business finances?  Have you tried any that simply do not work?  Let us know!

Eva Brown is the Director of the Access to Capital Program at the Women’s Business Development Center.