“Where do I find a grant to start my woman owned business?”

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All too often at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) we hear the question, “Where are the grants for women to start their businesses?” The answer: There are none.  No really, there are none.  If you find a grant for women starting a business, please post the information in the comments below, because in the last 27 years we have yet to see one.

Yes, there are loans for business start-ups, small business competitions with cash prizes and occasionally, you can find grants through Small Business Administration (SBA) non-profit partners, if you are already in business, but you aren’t going to find a grant without showing you have some “skin in the game”.  You need to prove that you are just as invested in your business as investors, grantors or lenders are going to be.  It’s time to get serious and shift your focus from looking for free money to building a solid foundation with a business plan, a thorough analysis of your financials (past personal and projected) and target market research.

A question was recently posted on PartnerUp regarding the necessity of a traditional business plan.  Some thought they were irrelevant in this day and age of the ever changing business climate, while others saw them as completely necessary.  What do you think? Based on what we’ve seen with clients over the years, the ones that write down their idea into a solid plan and update that plan on a yearly basis have seen the greatest success and continue to sustain a fruitful business.  Plus, when it comes time to look for funding, it’s unlikely you’ll be taken seriously without putting your business in writing.

So what can you do if you’re a start-up looking for funding?  As it happens, the WBDC launched the Micro Finance Program, as a core member of the Chicago Microlending Intitute (CMI) for Chicago business owners seeking additional support.  Plus, the WBDC provides a free webinar, Take the Mystery out of Finance every month and below is a recording of the presentation.  Watch it, take notes and if you have questions?  Ask us at loanprogram@wbdc.org.

Take advantage of the financial resources available for you.  Here are just a few more, besides WBDC to take a look at:

  1. Access to Capital (Dun and Bradstreet Credibility)
  2. SBA
  3. FunderHut
  4. Family and friends

Eva Brown is the Director of the Access to Capital Program at the Women’s Business Development Center.