Panel Videos from Access to Capital Chicago

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Access to Capital Chicago AP C2-2-MAccess to Capital: Money to Mainstreet took Chicago last month and was a roaring success. Over 300 attendees had the opportunity to meet with lenders of all varieties, hear from expert speakers, and listen to panels that showcased entrepreneurs from all facets of small business and lending professionals. If you did not get the opportunity to attend the event or are curious about Access to Capital, here you go: video footage from all four panels!

Startups Start Here: Strategies from Entrepreneurs

Linda Darragh of the Kellogg School Of Management moderated this panel of entrepreneurs who shared their experiences seeking funding for their startups. Look no further if you are interested in learning about successful strategies to obtain capital.


Straight Talk: Getting Traditional Loans in Today’s Economy

While alternative lenders are all the craze these days, traditional lenders haven’t gone anywhere. Carol Roth of WGN moderated this panel of bank executives who provided insight for businesses interested traditional loans.


Off the Beaten Path: Is Alternative Funding the Route for You?

Tammy Halevy of AEO moderated this panel of representatives from alternative lenders who are eager to use out-of-the-box approaches to small business lending. If you’re struggling to get funding for your business from a traditional lender, you still have options, just check out this video!


Crowdfunding: What You Need to Know

Crowdfunding works, and this panel addresses everything you need to know about crowdfunding and how it can jumpstart your business! David Carmen of Blackline Review moderated this panel of experts, as well as entrepreneurs who have successfully used crowdfunding.