Why Small Businesses are Turning to Alternative Funding Sources

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According to the Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans own or work for a small business. In fact, small businesses create about two out of every three new jobs in the United States each year, making them an integral part of our economy.

wordpressDespite this importance, many small businesses continue to have a hard time securing the funding they need to grow and thrive – at least through traditional banking. If you’re a small business owner, you may have already learned this the hard way.

Why is it so hard for a small business to get a traditional loan? Let’s take the example of a small retail boutique owner who needs a loan but has little to offer in assets to secure it. Say this owner goes to her local bank and applies for a $20,000 loan. The odds are she won’t get a loan approval, but will instead walk away with a credit card application. This is because from a bank’s perspective, that’s about all they can do. Loans of this size simply are not profitable. The cost and considerable manpower required to process them don’t really move the needle for the bank.

In contrast, more agile online lenders such as IOU Central leverage technology to cost-efficiently process thousands of applications a month. This makes it entirely feasible for us to work with small business owners whose loan needs aren’t as large. In fact, we strive to deliver the best alternative to traditional bank loans by making our terms fair and our application process as easy, fast, and straightforward as possible.


Robert Gloer is President and COO of IOU Central.