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CoolHaus co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller are two of our favorite entrepreneurs. In 2008, the pair began baking cookies and creating ice creams together in their homes. Now, CoolHaus sells its gourmet, all natural, “architecturally inspired” ice cream in food trucks across the country, storefronts in Los Angeles and Pasadena, and through vendors in 20 states.

Case and Estreller will share their story at a TribeTalk on June 13th in Santa Monica. Attendees can hear about the founders’ vision for their unique products, hear about the CoolHaus cookbook launch, and find out how the women fortified their brand and expanded the company.

In October 2012, we sat down with CoolHaus co-founders and they shared how their business began in LA, and almost ended there. With less than two years of operation, the small business owners were having difficulty finding a traditional lender. That’s when they turned to micro lending. In the interview, they explained that Opportunity Fund micro lending was instrumental in their growth. We’re thrilled that the women were able to take advantage of diverse lending opportunities in order to fund their dream! Click here for tickets to their TribeTalk, and make sure to check out the advantages of alternative lending when funding your dream!

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