Let’s Talk Access to Capital at the 2015 Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference

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Women entrepreneurs often find it difficult to find funding for their businesses. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as many female-owned businesses being in smaller areas that generate less income and leading banks to give them stricter terms on loans, or none at all. In addition, there seems to be a lack of female venture capitalists. For these reasons and more, the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) aims to help female entrepreneurs by helping them get access to resources, contracts and capital. One of the biggest ways the WBDC helps is by hosting the Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference (EWC), the largest entrepreneurial business conference in the Midwest, which has been going on for nearly 30 years.

This year, on September 2nd in Chicago, the EWC will feature a special opportunity for women-owned business. Dun & Bradstreet is scaling down our Access to Capital event and bringing it to the 2015 EWC! In the past, our Access to Capital events have offered expert panels, 1:1 meetings with lenders*, and a wealth of information for business owners. At EWC, we hope to bring the same benefits to women entrepreneurs specifically. In addition to chatting with attendees about business credit and sales & marketing solutions, we’ll also have breakout sessions with lenders. Our business credit expert, Amber Colley, will be moderating a panel, “Fire Up Business Growth with Financial Fuel.” The panel members will discuss helping individuals navigate the right funding sources and understand business valuation. The panel will also be the first breakout session of the day, from 8:30 am until 9:30 am CST.

We will be hosting representatives from lenders including:

The “Fire Up Business Growth with Financial Fuel” panel members** include:

  • Metropolitan Capital Bank on business valuation
  • Luminade, the EWC 2015 Innovations Award Winner, who has accessed alternative loans
  • A commercial lender (TBD)

If you weren’t already planning on attending EWC, you should reconsider! EWC was already an incredible event for women entrepreneurs, and we hope to make it even more beneficial by bringing its Access to Capital event. To register for EWC, visit their site.

To learn more about our Access to Capital initiative or about different funding options for your business, visit Access to Capital.

*The information and advice provided by Dun & Bradstreet during the

[Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference] event and its Credit Advisors, including without limitation all information provided during informational phone calls or by any third party lenders during 1:1 sessions are provided “as-is”. Dun & Bradstreet makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to such information and the results of the use of such information, including but not limited to implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Neither Dun & Bradstreet nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates or their respective partners, officers, directors, employees or agents shall be held liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential, including but not limited to lost revenues or lost profits, arising from or in connection with a business’s use or reliance on the information or advice given during any counseling session.

**Panel members are subject to change