PCA Index Finds California Small Business Loans Are More Accessible Than Others Nationwide

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California small business loans were more accessible in Q3 2015, according to the Pepperdine Private Capital Access Index from Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Dun & Bradstreet. These businesses not only received more loans than in Q2 2015, but also received more loans than the national average (for businesses surveyed):

  • 50% of businesses applied for a California small business loan and of those, 46% were successful (up 10% from Q2)
  • Compared to the national success rate (37%), California small businesses surveyed were 9% more successful at securing a loan

Despite receiving more small business loans than in Q2, the California small businesses surveyed still relied on personal assets and are also still feeling restricted by a lack of financing:

  • 32% of California small businesses relied on personal assets in Q3 2015
  • California small businesses feel like their ability to hire and grow is restricted more than the national average, by 2% and 3% respectively

View more Q3 2015 PCA Index findings for California below.

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