Interview: Nellie Akalp “Enterpriser”

We recently sought out CEO, Nellie Akalp to help us gain some clarity surrounding  the importance of building, monitoring, and maintaining business credit. Nellie is no stranger to helping entrepreneurs as is an online legal document filing service, assisting entrepreneurs Incorporate or Form an LLC. We’d like to extend Nellie’s helping hand… You’ve said in the recent past, “Most […]

Get Your Franchise Funded — Insights from The Franchise King

Recently, franchising, finance and policy leaders have come together to begin a dialogue to parlay credit access and create jobs. We wanted to catch up with someone dominating the franchise advising space to help keep us on our toes regarding what lies ahead in lending, job creation and economic recovery. Before jetting off to speak at […]

Entrepreneurs: Reacting to Crowdfunding in the JOBS Act

Timed to President Obama’s signing of the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012, StartUp America asked entreprenuer, Dana Mauriello, Founder and President of ProFounder, “What’s crowdfunding?” Inspired by her nimble and articulate reply, we asked a few entrepreneurs of our own to build on this extremely hot and somewhat controversial topic. Here are the results. What does the JOBS Act […]

Getting The Feedback You Need to Raise Capital: Thick Skin Needed

We’re genuinely proud to be part of a company culture here at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. that cherishes success sprung from failure. Learning from our mistakes is an age-old adage, but CEO Jeff Stibel sweetened the proverbial pot by reiterating, I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: success by failure is not an oxymoron. When […]

Your Business Stories: Why Educating Yourself About Venture Capital Is Crucial

Remember the fairy tale about clapping your hands as fast as you can to bring a fairy back to life?  That certainly won’t bring you the venture capital that you are looking for. When you decide the time is right to be working with venture capital companies, the most important thing you need to do […]

Your Business Stories: Persistence Rewards Small Businesses

In late November, 2011, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. got involved with more than 200 other organizations, and joined American Express to support their Small Business Saturday efforts. We talked with top small business and social media experts on marketing tips and advice for local business owners and published a series of the questions and answers on […]