2 07-2013

How Small Business Credit Has Changed Since The Great Recession

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With strict qualifications for traditional loans, many small business find their loan applications denied. SBA lending is a great alternative to traditional commercial loans-- SBA loans have longer amortization periods and can offer higher loan amounts. The SBA finances small business comprable to banks but with more reasonable application standards for emerging businesses. Read more about SBA lending in this Q&A with First State Bank Senior Vice President and Loan Officer, Steve Valiquette:  

The Small Business Administration's (SBA) lending program is a major part of U.S. business growth, and these loans can often be substituted for traditional commercial loans with some benefits to the borrower.

1 07-2013

Personal vs. Business Credit

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We all love to hear about entrepreneurial filmmakers who hit the big time on a low budget movie funded entirely by credit cards.  It’s so American.  It turns out it’s a bit Russian, too.  A quick Internet search will reveal that, ahem, Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google with their credit cards.  So, if [...]

7 06-2013

Panel Videos from Access to Capital Chicago

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Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet took Chicago last month and was a roaring success. Over 300 attendees had the opportunity to meet with lenders of all varieties, hear from expert speakers, and listen to panels that showcased entrepreneurs from all facets of small business and lending professionals. If you did not get the opportunity [...]

17 05-2013

Throwing Strikes With Your Investor Pitch

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Whether it's for a major prospect to close a big sale or meeting with an investor group to raise capital for your business, nothing inspires greater enthusiasm and anxiety than the presentation pitch meeting. Despite the many hours executives spend preparing for the big presentation, regardless of all the well-intentioned seminars, executive coaches and training [...]

16 05-2013

Merchant Cash Advances Can Help Small Business Get Funds

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It is often reported that small business is the engine that drives our economy. If that’s the case, the economy is clearly not firing on all cylinders. Small business growth, creation and ownership have been a part of the American Dream since our nation’s founding, but unfortunately the health of small businesses have not kept [...]

14 05-2013

Panelist Ami Kassar on the Benefits of Attending Access to Capital

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When it comes to acquiring funding for your business, there are many routes available. However, like physical roads to a destination, there are certain lesser known routes that may be faster, easier, or better for some other reason. CEO and Founder of MultiFunding.com Ami Kassar, who will be speaking on the Startups Start Here: Strategies for [...]

13 05-2013

“Where do I find a grant to start my woman owned business?”

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All too often at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) we hear the question, “Where are the grants for women to start their businesses?” The answer: There are none.  No really, there are none.  If you find a grant for women starting a business, please post the information in the comments below, because in the [...]

6 05-2013

Business Finance: Anywhere, Anytime

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As the Women's Business Development Center (WBDC) continues to expand our access to capital opportunities we are focused on providing extended capabilities through being named a core member of the Chicago Microlending Institute (CMI) and the development of online/on-demand course offerings coming summer 2013.  Whether you’re business is in the city of Chicago or throughout [...]

29 04-2013

Next Stop on the Access to Capital Road Trip: Chicago!

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On October 18th, 2012, a catalyst occurred in Los Angeles, a catalyst that led to tens of millions of dollars in new small business loans. What happened that day, you might wonder. What one thing could be responsible for prompting millions of dollars of small business loans? I'll tell you. It was an event: Access [...]

24 04-2013

Smart Money for Smart Businesses

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If you run a business looking for capital you will find investors are more active and willing, as they have more money to put to work than had been the case in the past few years. While deals are getting done, it is a more deliberative process than the vigorous late 1990s market was. Although every (investment) [...]