8 07-2013

Lacking Access to Traditional Sources of Capital? Consider Crowdfunding

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Access to Capital Many small businesses which are looking for start-up or growth capital fall between the cracks with respect to accessing that capital. They lack the necessary track record or collateral to meet traditional bank underwriting standards to obtain loans, and they are too small or simply not in the right field to attract [...]

1 07-2013

Personal vs. Business Credit

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We all love to hear about entrepreneurial filmmakers who hit the big time on a low budget movie funded entirely by credit cards.  It’s so American.  It turns out it’s a bit Russian, too.  A quick Internet search will reveal that, ahem, Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google with their credit cards.  So, if [...]

17 05-2013

Throwing Strikes With Your Investor Pitch

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Whether it's for a major prospect to close a big sale or meeting with an investor group to raise capital for your business, nothing inspires greater enthusiasm and anxiety than the presentation pitch meeting. Despite the many hours executives spend preparing for the big presentation, regardless of all the well-intentioned seminars, executive coaches and training [...]

13 05-2013

“Where do I find a grant to start my woman owned business?”

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All too often at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) we hear the question, “Where are the grants for women to start their businesses?” The answer: There are none.  No really, there are none.  If you find a grant for women starting a business, please post the information in the comments below, because in the [...]

2 05-2013

Preparing for Your Loan Application: 3 Simple Steps

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The loan application process can be intimidating to say the least. For small business owners, this access to capital is not only necessary, but can often times be the determining factor in whether or not their business sinks or swims (in Michael Phelps fashion, of course). So, how exactly does a small business owner go [...]

19 03-2013

Looking for a Small Business Loan?

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Prepare for your loan meeting Bryan Moeller, SVP & Director of Small Business Banking at Wells Fargo, talks about what banks expect from a small business owner.

21 02-2013

The Myth of Government Grants

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One of the biggest myths regarding small business funding is the so-called abundance of grants, or “free” money available to entrepreneurs. Thanks to the proliferation of late-night infomercials espousing “easy money” for starting a business or funding a current business, the myth has exploded in recent years. Although there are not a plethora of grants [...]

31 01-2013

Why Are You Getting Rejected For Business Loans?

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Receiving a rejection letter for a business loan you were counting on can be discouraging. Data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) reveals that nearly 50% of small business loan applications are rejected for a variety of reasons. Understanding the most common reasons banks decline loan applications can be useful for your own business endeavors. [...]

4 10-2012

VIDEO: Chance Barnett – Importance of Access to Capital

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Entrepreneur Chance Barnett, founder of Crowdfunder, is one of many incredible speakers that will be sharing their insights at the Access to Capital conference on October 18th! In this video he discusses the transformative nature of capital when small business owners are able to get the capital they need to grow their businesses. In particular, [...]

11 09-2012

What is Capital?

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For almost all businesses, capital is essential for functioning. While in simple terms, capital is the money or resources needed to open, operate, and profit, capital is more complex in the sense that it can come in many different forms. For some businesses, the resources necessary to operating come from traditional lending such as bank [...]