21 06-2012

Walking Through the Valley of Death with the SBA

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A well-known term in the venture industry, "Valley of Death," can be a financial nightmare for early-stage startups, especially for those that depend on large amounts of funding to bring products to the market.  Companies highly invested in developing innovative technology and products are those that tend to suffer the consequences of this "Valley of Death."  So, what is this canyon [...]

17 04-2012

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund: What You Need to Know

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Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are companies, certified by the US Department of Treasury, that offer access to capital to economically distressed communities.  The US Department of Treasury explains, "Through monetary awards and allocation of tax credits, the CDFI Fund helps promote access to capital and local economic growth in urban and rural low-income communities across the nation."  These companies may be banks, credit unions, [...]

13 04-2012

SEC Announces Public Comment Forum on JOBS Act Provisions

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April 5th brought the signing of the JOBS Act by President Obama and on Wednesday, the U.S. Securities and Trade Commission announced they are accepting comments on Titles I-VII of the JOBS Act. While the SEC is regularly required to allow public comments on amendments when they are proposed, it is currently allowing public comments [...]

11 04-2012

Entrepreneurs: Reacting to Crowdfunding in the JOBS Act

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Timed to President Obama's signing of the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012, StartUp America asked entreprenuer, Dana Mauriello, Founder and President of ProFounder, "What's crowdfunding?" http://youtu.be/rTRqaAlZ2Hs Inspired by her nimble and articulate reply, we asked a few entrepreneurs of our own to build on this extremely hot and somewhat controversial topic. Here are the results. What does the JOBS [...]