Nation Q3 2015 PCA Index Findings Infographic2018-06-28T13:48:35-07:00

Nation Q3 2015 PCA Index Findings Infographic

Once a quarter, Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and Dun & Bradstreet poll small and medium-sized businesses across the nation to learn more about those companies growth and access to capital.

Overall, the Q3 2015 PCA Index findings revealed that small and medium sized businesses surveyed are still optimistic about their growth prospects, as they have been in years past. The findings also revealed that businesses across the United States are feeling more restricted by the current business environment.

The State of Small Business Nationwide

  • Businesses with less than $5 million in revenue are getting loans less than half the time.
  • BUT an average of 60% of business surveyed are in need of financing due to planned growth.
  • Business owners surveyed with less than $5 million in revenue, 60% say their growth opportunities are restricted, and 52% feel their ability to hire is restricted as well.
  • Over one-third (37%) of small businesses with <$5M in revenue used personal assets.