Prepare for Your Lender Meeting: A Checklist

UPDATE: While there are some great resources in this post, we’ve consolidated and updated these resources on this page: Prepare to Meet Your Lender.



How can you get the most out of your meeting with a lender at Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet? The answer is this: Preparation. You have the opportunity to meet with a variety of lenders specializing in different types of financing. To use the time most effectively, it is important to come prepared for them to review all documents necessary to acquire said financing. Bryan Moeller, SVP and Director of Small Business Banking for the LA/Orange County Region at Wells Fargo, agrees:

Organization is key; you want lenders to be able to navigate the paperwork gamut of your business with ease. Though financing will not be granted at the event itself, you can have your application reviewed, and begin the process of building a solid relationship.

Wells Fargo and East West Bank released a checklist of the paperwork they require of applicants looking to secure financing for this very reason. Note that different banks and lenders may require (or not require) different paperwork. For instance, American Express requires you bring your American Express Merchant Account Number. However,  organizing the paperwork Wells Fargo and East West recommend is a good place to start. Download the document checklists here (pdf): Wells Fargo Lending Appointment Checklist



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