23 01-2014

Social Media 101: Engaging with Your Users

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When it comes to building a company brand and bolstering your business’s reputation, social media can be an indispensable tool.  No matter what stage your business is in, whether it’s brand-new or well established, using social media platforms to promote your products and services is something no business owner should neglect to do.  A reputable [...]

15 01-2014

You May Still Qualify: Applying for a Microloan

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Speaking to a lender for the first time can be a harrowing experience.  The future of your business may be riding on the interaction and you may have concerns about qualifying for the loan if your business is new or if you don’t have all the necessary paperwork the lender is asking for. However, for [...]

25 10-2013

Another Risk in Taking Out Multiple Loans – Liens

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The owner of a rapidly growing company recently ran into unexpected road blocks when he tried to borrow money to finance his business’s expansion, not because the lender doubted his ability to pay, but because the previous loans the owner had taken meant that the new lender would not be first in line to get [...]

18 10-2013

10 Expert Business Funding Tips

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Need funding to grow your business? Here are 10 tips on how to raise money from experts at our Access to Capital events: Strength in Numbers Don’t go it alone. There are an amazing number of people and organizations who can help you grow your business and access funding. Establishing a personal relationship with your [...]

26 08-2013

Startup? Where to Start

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Have a great idea for a business but no idea where to begin? Fret not, because local resources for start-ups are abundant. Business schools, incubators, accelerator programs, and small business development centers are just some of the ways entrepreneurs can hone their concepts and start taking steps necessary to jumpstart their companies. Business Schools While [...]

13 05-2013

“Where do I find a grant to start my woman owned business?”

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All too often at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) we hear the question, “Where are the grants for women to start their businesses?” The answer: There are none.  No really, there are none.  If you find a grant for women starting a business, please post the information in the comments below, because in the [...]

24 04-2013

Smart Money for Smart Businesses

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If you run a business looking for capital you will find investors are more active and willing, as they have more money to put to work than had been the case in the past few years. While deals are getting done, it is a more deliberative process than the vigorous late 1990s market was. Although every (investment) [...]

7 11-2012

Want Funding? Let The Experts Guide You!

By | 2017-09-14T11:21:24+00:00 November 7th, 2012|

We were thrilled with all the wonderful feedback we received from our Los Angeles Access to Capital:Money to Mainstreet event last month. In addition to the Town Square, where we created space for hundreds of conversations between lenders and small business owners, we had incredible sessions throughout the day in our Town Hall. We Live-streamed the sessions to small business [...]

2 08-2012

Is Your Start-Up Fit for an Incubator?

By | 2017-09-14T11:21:26+00:00 August 2nd, 2012|

You are ready to start your business.  Your planning has been completed.  Now, you want to take your start-up to the next step.  Many entrepreneurs just go at it alone with no mentors and no help.  While this works for a few, some start-ups need a little help to get up on their feet.  This [...]

27 03-2012

Community Involvement Helps Generate Capital

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Getting involved with the local community is an excellent way to build brand awareness and credibility for your business.  According to Small Business Resource, "Most business owners are worried about making a profit rather than making good relations with the community where their business is located."  In actuality, a business's involvement in the community renders several benefits [...]