9 08-2013

Access to Capital Atlanta is on August 14

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It’s that time again, the Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet tour will be in Atlanta next Wednesday, August 14th. Access to Capital Atlanta will boast a diverse line up of experts participating in four different panels and spotlight presentations, more than 40 representatives from traditional and alternative lenders, and a Community and Business Resource [...]

8 07-2013

Lacking Access to Traditional Sources of Capital? Consider Crowdfunding

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Access to Capital Many small businesses which are looking for start-up or growth capital fall between the cracks with respect to accessing that capital. They lack the necessary track record or collateral to meet traditional bank underwriting standards to obtain loans, and they are too small or simply not in the right field to attract [...]

2 07-2013

How Small Business Credit Has Changed Since The Great Recession

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With strict qualifications for traditional loans, many small business find their loan applications denied. SBA lending is a great alternative to traditional commercial loans-- SBA loans have longer amortization periods and can offer higher loan amounts. The SBA finances small business comprable to banks but with more reasonable application standards for emerging businesses. Read more about SBA lending in this Q&A with First State Bank Senior Vice President and Loan Officer, Steve Valiquette:  

The Small Business Administration's (SBA) lending program is a major part of U.S. business growth, and these loans can often be substituted for traditional commercial loans with some benefits to the borrower.

3 06-2013

The Truth Behind Alternative Lending

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If you are a business owner struggling to get funding from a traditional lender, alternative lenders might offer the perfect solution. Just read our recent post about merchant cash advance loans. They allow business owners to receive money in just a few days and pay it back in payments deducted from their revenue over a [...]

16 05-2013

Merchant Cash Advances Can Help Small Business Get Funds

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It is often reported that small business is the engine that drives our economy. If that’s the case, the economy is clearly not firing on all cylinders. Small business growth, creation and ownership have been a part of the American Dream since our nation’s founding, but unfortunately the health of small businesses have not kept [...]

29 04-2013

Next Stop on the Access to Capital Road Trip: Chicago!

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On October 18th, 2012, a catalyst occurred in Los Angeles, a catalyst that led to tens of millions of dollars in new small business loans. What happened that day, you might wonder. What one thing could be responsible for prompting millions of dollars of small business loans? I'll tell you. It was an event: Access [...]

1 04-2013

Join us at Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet events

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See for yourself what has made our Access to Capital events so successful for small businesses looking to raise funding and get to know local lenders. We're coming to Seattle this November, so stay tuned to find out how you can take advantage of this great event! Learn more about our Seattle event on November [...]

7 11-2012

Want Funding? Let The Experts Guide You!

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We were thrilled with all the wonderful feedback we received from our Los Angeles Access to Capital:Money to Mainstreet event last month. In addition to the Town Square, where we created space for hundreds of conversations between lenders and small business owners, we had incredible sessions throughout the day in our Town Hall. We Live-streamed the sessions to small business [...]

5 04-2012

Crowdfunding in the JOBS Act: Should you be skeptical?

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If you’ve waded through all of the press coverage that The JOBS Act is getting, you have more than likely been reading about The Crowdfunding part of the act.   Crowdfunding is a fairly new way of raising money and was initially used to raise money for non-profits, projects in the arts, independent films and the [...]