10 08-2012

Interview: Shawn Morey, CEO & Founder Paid to Play Media

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We were very excited to interview Shawn Morey, CEO and Founder of Paid to Play Media.  Morey started his business ventures while working to obtain an education, so time management was a constant issue.  The Santa Barbara native moved to the Los Angeles area to attend school at Woodbury University for his undergraduate degree in Business Finance with [...]

24 07-2012

Can You Get by with Bootstrapping?

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What is one important thing a business needs to survive?  The answer is obvious...money.  If you are like other entrepreneurs, you have thought about how to obtain these funds.  There are banks, angel investors, credit unions, and the SBA.  But before you go asking for funding, ask yourself, do I really need to get outside funding?  Can I make [...]