10 04-2012

Non-Profits Need Access to Capital to Create Jobs Too

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The non-profit sector has already created millions of jobs and has potential to add many more.   A study conducted by Lester M. Salamon, S. Wojciech Sokolowski, and Stephanie L. Geller of Johns Hopkins University, showed that in 2010 the non-profit sector had a total of 10.7 million paid workers [*.pdf] coming close to other industries, such as manufacturing at 11.5 million workers. [...]

22 03-2012

Business Plan Competitions, an Alternative Source of Capital

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In this tough economic environment, aspiring entrepreneurs' and current business owners are having difficulty securing capital for their business.  There are several alternative sources of financing than traditional financial institutions, but one alternative that gets overlooked are business plan competitions.  Unlike bank loans, this form of financing involves the least amount of risk to you and your [...]

13 03-2012

Misconceptions About Small Business Lending – What You Need to Know Now

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One of the biggest misconceptions about lending today is that banks are not lending. As Bryan Moeller, Director of Small Business Banking at Wells Fargo, points out in our Access to Capital video, this is simply not true. "The reality is that banks are lending," Bryan says. He goes on to say that in 2011 [...]