Equity Crowdfunding – How to Get Started As An Investor

The new changes around equity crowdfunding have opened up the market to the public, instead of just accredited investors. Here are some tips on how you can get started investing in startups today:

Equity Crowdfunding – What It Is & How It’s Changing

The crowdfunding landscape is changing for small businesses, thanks to new rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn what equity crowdfunding is, how it’s changing, and what those changes mean for small business.

2013: The Year in Review for Small Business

While we spent the year planning and on the road for the 2013 Access to Capital Tour, small business owners were experiencing a year of change due, in large part, to the federal government. Healthcare reform, deep budget cuts and a government shutdown, the hiring climate and more access to capital were a few of […]

SEC’s Crowdfunding Rules Open for Public Comment

Almost two years after President Obama signed the JOBS Act, the Securities Exchange Commission formally released its proposed rules for equity crowdfunding on Oct. 23. These rules mimic those originally proposed in the JOBS Act and are currently in a 90-day public commenting period before the finalized version is issued. AEO, an organization that creates economic […]

The JOBS Act and Small Business Financing: New Opportunities Still Require Traditional Diligence

With the passing and enactment of Title II of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in September, the SEC essentially changed the game for small businesses and start-ups seeking financing. Simply put, Title II lifted an 80-year ban on openly soliciting personal networks and the general public for funding. And while this is a […]

From Start-Up to Being Listed as a Fortune 500 Company – How Did They Do It?

Companies listed on the Fortune 500 did not magically generate billions of dollars over night.  Some of these businesses may have been created by people who were already well established and had an endless amount of funds.  Other companies started with little to nothing when it first started and became so successful as to be featured in the […]