8 01-2014

Managing a Startup and Your Day Job

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In an ideal world, an entrepreneur could quit his or her day job to pursue their dream of starting a company, but unfortunately, that is not feasible for many budding small business owners. The sad reality is there are still bills and rent to pay, mouths to feed, gas costs, you name it, making it [...]

25 09-2013

There Really is a Fate Worse than Death

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In terms dollars and cents, becoming disabled creates way more economic carnage than death.  Half of all home foreclosures are due to disability with only 2% to 3% attributable to death.  About half of all personal bankruptcies are due to disability and related health costs.  For those of you seeking access to capital to build [...]

21 08-2013

How to Draft and Execute an Effective Business Plan

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Benjamin Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Whether you are looking to improve your existing business or start a new venture all together, the question you should be asking yourself is, “what’s the plan?” Follow these steps to ensure a healthy and productive plan that is the best fit [...]

17 04-2012

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund: What You Need to Know

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Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are companies, certified by the US Department of Treasury, that offer access to capital to economically distressed communities.  The US Department of Treasury explains, "Through monetary awards and allocation of tax credits, the CDFI Fund helps promote access to capital and local economic growth in urban and rural low-income communities across the nation."  These companies may be banks, credit unions, [...]

10 04-2012

Non-Profits Need Access to Capital to Create Jobs Too

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The non-profit sector has already created millions of jobs and has potential to add many more.   A study conducted by Lester M. Salamon, S. Wojciech Sokolowski, and Stephanie L. Geller of Johns Hopkins University, showed that in 2010 the non-profit sector had a total of 10.7 million paid workers [*.pdf] coming close to other industries, such as manufacturing at 11.5 million workers. [...]

6 04-2012

Understanding The Basics of The JOBS Act

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Yesterday, President Obama signed the JOBS ACT (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) into law.  According to President Obama at the signing, "New businesses account for almost every new job created in America.  That's why I pushed for this bill." Ever since this bill was introduced, there have been opinions flying every which way.  Since most [...]

5 04-2012

Crowdfunding in the JOBS Act: Should you be skeptical?

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If you’ve waded through all of the press coverage that The JOBS Act is getting, you have more than likely been reading about The Crowdfunding part of the act.   Crowdfunding is a fairly new way of raising money and was initially used to raise money for non-profits, projects in the arts, independent films and the [...]