7 02-2014

How Small Business Owners Should Prepare for Tax Season

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Now that the holidays are well behind us and the new year-hype has finally dulled, tax season is here to remind us that life can’t be a ball all of the time—unless you’re expecting a large tax return, I suppose. But for most of us, tax season is a chore, and for small business owners, [...]

6 02-2014

New SBA Study Confirms Importance of Business Credit

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A study released Wednesday by the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy supports that the recent existence of business credit scoring has been largely beneficial to businesses, giving banks and other lenders a clearer picture of the financial standing of businesses they are considering lending to. While personal credit has been around for a long [...]

13 08-2013

Learn More about the Lending Institutions Coming to Access to Capital Tomorrow

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We're proud to announce that we have nearly 50 lending officers from 26 different organizations coming to Access to Capital Atlanta tomorrow, August 14. Not sure who you would like to meet with? Read a description of each lending institution below. Then, if you've already registered to come to the event, go to our scheduling [...]

29 04-2013

Next Stop on the Access to Capital Road Trip: Chicago!

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On October 18th, 2012, a catalyst occurred in Los Angeles, a catalyst that led to tens of millions of dollars in new small business loans. What happened that day, you might wonder. What one thing could be responsible for prompting millions of dollars of small business loans? I'll tell you. It was an event: Access [...]

11 04-2012

Entrepreneurs: Reacting to Crowdfunding in the JOBS Act

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Timed to President Obama's signing of the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012, StartUp America asked entreprenuer, Dana Mauriello, Founder and President of ProFounder, "What's crowdfunding?" http://youtu.be/rTRqaAlZ2Hs Inspired by her nimble and articulate reply, we asked a few entrepreneurs of our own to build on this extremely hot and somewhat controversial topic. Here are the results. What does the JOBS [...]

3 04-2012

Women’s Access to Capital

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On March 21, 2012, American Express OPEN released their second annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report.  The growth rate of women-owned businesses from 1997 to 2012 increased by 54% which is 1.5 times higher than the national average of 37%.  Of these women-owned businesses, those generating $1,000,000 or more showed stronger growth during 2007-2012.  In the [...]

22 03-2012

Business Plan Competitions, an Alternative Source of Capital

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In this tough economic environment, aspiring entrepreneurs' and current business owners are having difficulty securing capital for their business.  There are several alternative sources of financing than traditional financial institutions, but one alternative that gets overlooked are business plan competitions.  Unlike bank loans, this form of financing involves the least amount of risk to you and your [...]