Waiting For Your Business Tax Refund: Online Lending For Working Capital

Tax refunds can take a long time to reach your bank account, and that doesn’t help you run your business. Learn how alternative lending can help keep you up and running while you wait for your refund.

How Small Business Owners Should Prepare for Tax Season

Now that the holidays are well behind us and the new year-hype has finally dulled, tax season is here to remind us that life can’t be a ball all of the time—unless you’re expecting a large tax return, I suppose. But for most of us, tax season is a chore, and for small business owners, […]

Maintaining Your Business in the Face of the Fiscal Cliff Deal

As the full effect of the fiscal cliff deal continues to unfold, small business owners are educating themselves on its long-term implications. Considering America’s 28 million small businesses are deemed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) the “backbone of our nation’s economy,” not surprisingly, the full impact will be significant. Jim Lee, professor of […]