Lender Advice: Mark Rambler of Credibility Capital Offers Insights

President and Co-Founder of Credibility Capital, Mark Rambler, offers lending advice for business owners. Read more.

Lenders May Soon Judge Your Credibility By Your Facebook Friends

A new patent may make it even more important for you to be able to prove your credibility to lenders. Would you “unfriend” someone to keep them from hurting your chances of getting a loan?

Search Tool for Small Businesses May Make Getting Traditional Funding Easier

When small businesses and startups can’t get loans from banks no matter how hard they try, alternative funding can save the day. There is a tool available that could help resurrect traditional funding and give small businesses more access to capital.

Cracking the Code on Bank Loans – Here’s What You Should Know Before You Apply

Experts from Capital One, Wells Fargo and TD Bank joined us for a Google+ Hangout and shared insights for help getting a bank loan for your business. If you’ve been wondering exactly what banks may look for in a loan candidate, you can find out here.