Top 3 Mistakes Startups Make When Asking for Capital

When trying to get funding for your business, don’t make these three rookie mistakes.

Think About the Future of Your Business When You Get Startup Funding

Here are four credit & financing tips to think about in the early stages of your business. Visit Access to Capital to learn more about how to find funding for your business.

Writing a Solid Business Plan Pays

A business plan is one of the most important documents to have when asking for financing. While writing a business plan may be time-consuming and tedious, it is an excellent tool to help you and others understand your company.  It is the document that describes your product/service, where your company is at, and where you want it […]

Your Business Stories: Why Educating Yourself About Venture Capital Is Crucial

Remember the fairy tale about clapping your hands as fast as you can to bring a fairy back to life?  That certainly won’t bring you the venture capital that you are looking for. When you decide the time is right to be working with venture capital companies, the most important thing you need to do […]